2nd Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple Who Has It All

    It is traditional to give gifts at weddings. Many young couples need household essentials such as towels, dishes and silverware. However, as our society continues to change and the average age of marriage increases, many wedding guests are having a more difficult time knowing what to give. In addition, couples who are getting married for the second time in their lives do not need many of the household basics. Here are a few creative second wedding gift ideas.

    Some couples may request donations to charitable organizations in lieu of wedding gifts. Often, the couple will direct money towards one or two particular places that support a cause for which the couple has a special interest. Other guests may choose to make this decision on their own if they know some of the interests and concerns of the couple. Wedding Gifts Singapore

    Another trend these days is to give money to the couple. This money is often used for larger purchases such as a down payment on a house or for major household appliances. Some couples who plan to go on a honeymoon several months after the wedding ceremony may request money toward the honeymoon trip.

    However, many couples do not fill out any registries nor do they make any specific requests for needs or wants. This makes shopping more difficult for the wedding guests but certainly does not make it impossible. With a bit of creativity, any guest can come up with a memorable wedding gift.

    The first idea centers on the couple’s shared interests. For example, some couples love sporting events. Some excellent ideas here include season tickets to their favorite team’s games or a VIP suite at the stadium for game night. Another option would be to pay for the couple to add a sports package to their cable or satellite television service. Other couples enjoy sharing cultural events together. Providing season tickets to a state or city’s orchestra, giving tickets to art shows or sending the couple on an all-expenses-paid trip into the city to see a theater show and stay the night at a full-service hotel will not only show how well the guest knows the couple but will also give the couple many new memories.

    Most couples who are marrying later in life have all the essentials needed for a comfortable and functional household. However, many times the couple is combining two households or moving into a new home. In this case, they may like to have a few new pieces of furniture. Purchasing a new dining room table or a new love seat may give them the feeling that the house is truly both of theirs. Even using a few new decorations such as pictures or lamps can give them a feeling of joint ownership. Some wedding guests choose to give gift cards to home decorating and furnishing stores to allow the couple to choose based on their own tastes.

    Finally, providing an all-expenses paid weekend trip to a relaxing location or giving a gift card to a fine restaurant can be a welcome surprise. It is important to leave the dates open on these reservations in order for the couple to choose what works best for them. Once again, new memories are sometimes the best kind of present to receive.

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