An Introduction to LED Ribbon Lighting

    LED Ribbon is a highly versatile lighting solution that is set to completely change the way we think about lighting our homes and businesses.

    As the name suggests, LED Ribbon is a long, thin strip of LEDs. The circuit board to which the LEDs are mounted is completely flexible and can be distorted into complex shapes without causing damage to the internal components. Unlike other types of lighting, which are usually very rigid, This Ribbon can be fitted to concave and convex surfaces, and can be bent around 90 degree corners with relative ease.

    Even more unique is the fact that these LED lights can be cut to any length you desire. Whereas fluorescent tubes, for example, can only be bought in standard sizes, LED Ribbon can be cut to specific lengths depending on the individual requirements of your installation. Cutting the strips can either be done yourself, or by a professional installer/electrician. automotive led driver

    While there is almost no limit to where and how LED Ribbon can be used, its long, thin design makes it particularly suitable for hidden and subtle lighting schemes. These are applications where the lights are expected to remain out of sight and usually need to fit into long, narrow spaces. A few examples include, under kitchen cabinet lighting, backlighting for a light box and shelf lighting.

    They can also serve more general purpose applications and can even function as a direct substitute for traditional fluorescent tube lights.

    LED Ribbon also removes many of the technical difficulties associated with installation. Most can be run straight from a domestic wall plug and through a 12V LED Driver/transformer, but they can also be wired directly into a wall switch for a fully integrated experience. They don’t require any mounts or brackets either, as a 3M self-adhesive backing allows them to be stuck straight down onto a surface.

    There are two main types of LED Ribbon available; single color and color changing RGB. Single color ribbon comes in two types, warm white and cool white, while colour changing RGB allows you to select from a wide range of static and dynamic ambient effects.

    As this ribbon is a low voltage (12V DC) product, it requires a transformer to change the mains supply. These are simple to use and install, and make the ribbon incredibly safe to use.

    At the end, it is important to mention that these LED Ribbon do come with different colour base/back and among many all the colours, transparent (white) and opaque (black) are the most famous.



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