Clearing Out and Letting Go

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    Like a lot of people I have tended to hold onto stuff. (I’ve just realised that I use the word stuff quite a lot. I’ll have to think of another word to use instead) Anyway, all this stuff that we acumulate whether it be clothes or books or CD’s or whatever you can name not only can it clog up our home, but it also takes up space in our mind.

    The problem is that like an awful lot of things in life it’s much easier to talk about than it is to actually get rid of it. Invariably we go to our wardrobe or cupboard with a big bag determined and to chuck out loads of clothes. Usually the very first item we come across we decide ‘Well actually I might wear that next year. I’ll just keep it for now’. Then the next thing gets put in the bag, only to be retrieved after some thought that ‘I’ve only worn that once so I’ll give it another go. Actually that’ll go really well with my new top, shoes, coat etc’ Entr├╝mpelung Stuttgart

    Now these items have been hanging around for months, years or even decades and in all that time you didn’t really like them that much. However, when it comes to actually getting rid, we just can’t do it. The jumper that we’ve not worn since the Queens jubilee in 1977 ( I remember that well. Around our way we had a fancy dress competition and my mum rolled several white toilet rolls around me totally covering my body and head. I was supposed to be a ‘mummy’. I think maybe I won or came second. Happy days – being covered head to toe in toilet paper:-))Now I’ve lost my thread of what I was saying……oh yeah, chucking away that lovely, brown cardigan with the corduroy patches on the elbows (which were compulsory for teachers back in the 1970’s). But we just can’t do it because this time we have memories attached to it. However, whether we keep the brown cardigan (or in my case all that toilet roll) or not doesn’t mean we wont keep the memory of a good time in our life. It’s just a trick of the mind to keep us locked into the material world. We accumulate more stuff in order to feel we are more. The ego says to us ‘the more you have, the more you are’. Now the ego may not say this in these actual terms, but that will be the over-riding drive running the quest for more. Often the people who seek to constantly add more and more can suffer from low self-esteem. The idea of having the latest trainers or the newest gadget that’s just come out makes them feel better about themselves for a short while. Once the old feelings of inadequacy returns, as they invariably do, then it’s time to go and buy more rubbish that they don’t need or sometimes even want!

    Letting go of accumulated stuff that we no longer need can sometimes cause a person to feel anxious, as though a part of them is also being chucked out. Because they have invested a lot of themselves in the items, it’s hard to dump it. Now I’m not saying I’ve been any different in the past about clinging onto things for longer than necessary, but what I’ve found (and so have others who have done this) is that it can have a very cathartic effect. All the stuff that we think makes us more or who we are can in effect be holding us back.The other thing about clearing out the old is that the Universe likes to fill a void. For example, if you have an old TV that you are reluctant to chuck out, there is no room for a brand new telly to manifest into your life. Also, you want to send a clear message to your subconscious mind that you have an abundant life where you don’t have to put up with being surrounded by old, worn out items that are on their last legs.

    I’ve moved house a couple of times in the last 4 years and each time I’ve thrown away an enormous amount of things that I thought I’d never get rid of.I really did think that a lot of it would follow me around forever. I had loads of old christmas and birthday cards. Lots of clothes that I would never realistically ever wear again, assuming that some of them even fitted me still. Although I found it hard initially and wasn’t as ruthless as I could have been, it still felt great to finally get shot of what was ultimately, just rubbish. The next time was much easier and I found that when I looked at what I was chucking out this time mostly I just wondered why I’d held onto it and hadn’t gotten rid the last time.

    My plan for the future is to have a good clear out every few months or so. I find that that a general rule of thumb is if I haven’t used or worn something in over a year, then the chances are I never will again so why keep it?(Apart from my winning toilet roll ensemble which I plan to keep forever!!!!) If you are a real hoarder then I’d suggest starting of small. If you go a bit mad and chuck out loads you’ll probably just feel anxious and want to go and immediately purchase more stuff that you dont really need or want. The aim is to scale down not build up. So start slowly and just part with a few items that have long since reached their sell-by date. You can move onto the larger things later on. Although initially you may feel sad that something from the past is gone, you may notice you feel a lightness afterwards that outweighs any negativity. Try it. I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding.


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