Easy Tricks To Catch A Cheater For Valentines Day

    There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship that has lost it’s trust. Once suspicions of infidelity creep into a relationship it can grow and fester until it ruins an otherwise happy marriage. But if you are seeing clues that lead you to believe your spouse is cheating there are little tricks you can use to catch them in the act of adultery. There’s nothing worse than living with suspicions. You need a relationship built on truth, trust and honesty.

    The Flower Scam: Have some red roses delivered to your wife or girlfriend. One set from you and a second set sent from a different florist without a card. If she does not mention the second flower delivery you know something is rotten in Denmark. The alternative to the flower scam is to call the husband pretending to be the florists asking him to confirm the delivery addresses. If he gives more than one address or an address of his ex girlfriend you’ll know he’s cheating.

    The Card Scam: This is like the flower scam but it involves sending a Valentines card through the mail or email to your spouse. If they don’t ask you about it or mention it to you then they may have another lover on the side.

    The 143 Scam: In Internet lingo 143 means I Love you. You can send an anonymous text from a prepaid cell phone to your spouse with an “I Love You”. You can have a friend send the text as you sit with your spouse to watch their reaction. If they don’t show you the “I Love You” text right away then something could be up. how to catch cheaters now

    If you don’t feel confident you can pull off these scams yourself try to enlist the help of a private investigator. They know a million tricks to catch a cheater and have resources you can’t even imagine. A private investigator won’t just want to follow your mate around with a video camera like you see on TV. Today private detectives have high tech methods to catch cheaters.

    Internet Infidelity Investigations: A PI can take your spouses email address and trace it back to online personal ads. He can find secret social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook. Many times a cheating spouse will be on there with pictures of themselves out on a date with their lover. Sometimes a PI can set up a pretext dating ad and contact your mate to test them and see if they are up for a fling.

    Digital Forensics: No you don’t have to be on CSI Miami to use digital forensics to catch a cheater. You can have the family computer examined to recover deleted images, emails, chat logs and documents. You can also examine a cellular phone to recover deleted text messages and incoming and outgoing calls.



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