Granite Countertop Sealants

    To give your granite countertops a longer, lovelier life, apply a sealant can help extend your countertops beauty and help keep it resistant to scratches and scuffs. Though most granite countertops are fine by themselves, applying a sealant will give your stone work a healthier look and keep you from replacing your countertops prematurely.

    Does Granite Need a Sealant?

    Granite is a porous surface, and while most granite countertops may be all right without a sealant, you have to consider what type of granite you have as to whether or not your countertops need sealing. Black granite countertops don’t require a sealant, while other granites may need a good sealant, just as a precaution and to help maintain its beauty. In fact, some denser granites react poorly to sealants, becoming dull looking and drab with sealant application. If you have a granite that requires sealant, an impregnating sealant will work best for you. granite countertops near me

    Impregnating sealants are the most common sealer available. This clear liquid can help seal off the porous nature of the granite and keep the countertop from staining as quickly as a non-sealed countertop would. An impregnating sealant is a solution of a resin that is dissolved into a solvent, in either petroleum or water. This solution is applied to the countertops and absorbed by the stone. What is left over is simply wiped off and the absorbed solution then evaporates, leaving the resin to seal off the pores, making the countertop non-porous and less likely to stain. This process also makes the granite less susceptible to scratching and can prolong the life of your countertop.

    However it should be noted that even with a sealant, granite countertops are not immune to moisture and scratching issues. The impregnating sealant simply lessens the likelihood that stains and scratches will occur, but there is still a small chance that they will. When liquid, such as water or coffee, is allowed to remain on the stone, it can stain or etch the surface, dulling the granite. Re-application of the sealant may remove or lessen the look of the stain or etching.

    Most granite sealers will work in a similar fashion to the impregnating sealant, with the difference being whether they are water-based or oil-based. What type of sealant you use when you apply it will be determined by the type of granite you choose, if you need a sealant at all. It is best to speak with the installer of your countertops as to what type of sealant they suggest. They may even apply it for you, and give you instructions on the frequency of re-application

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