How to Acquire Legal Immigration to the United States

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    Immigration refers to the movement to a country from another country by a non-resident for the purposes of permanent residence. American immigration refers to the movement of non-Americans to America.

    The people involved in immigration are referred to as immigrants. Increasing Immigration statistics in the United States is as a result of both legal and illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are those foreigners moving into the US and are entitled to the same rights as the citizens, excluding the right to vote, get some government benefits or hold political offices. Legal immigrants may gain citizenship through the process of naturalization.

    To be eligible for naturalization one should have stayed in the united states for a period of five years. In some cases proficiency in English and knowledge of America’s history and government may be required before acquiring American citizenship. Legal immigrants may be refugees, people seeking amnesty or individuals who have won green cards. Illegal immigrants too continue to exert pressure on United States immigration population. They enter America illegally and normally should be deported. buy ps5

    How Can You Legally Immigrate to the US

    There are various categories under which one may legally relocate to the United States.

    Family preference. This category allows American citizens to sponsor a given number of relatives to acquire United States residency. This applies to siblings of American citizens, adult children and spouses. Under this category various steps have to be followed. The process is not obvious and American residency may be granted or denied.

    Immediate relatives of United States citizens. This category arguably allows the largest number of legal immigrants into America. It permits an American citizen, to sponsor unlimited number of minor children, spouse and parents to America as immigrants.

    Employment based category. Individuals who posses’ job skills in demand by the economy, may be granted united state immigrant status. However the number of immigrants is limited and depends on the skills in demand. The skills will change from time to time thus this category administers a divergent pool of professionals over time.

    Refugees/asylums. This category permits a limited number of people based on political, religious or humanitarian reasons. For one to be eligible in this category, he/she as to proof that, his/her life in the current country of residency is in danger. The numbers of immigrants administered in this category vary over the years and are determined by presidential determinants.

    Diversity. This is the most recent form of legal immigration. It takes care of groups or regions under -represented in the immigrant population in the United States of America. It seeks to strike a balance in the numbers of immigrants from different parts of the globe.

    Green card. This category offers a temporary stay in the US for a period of up to 10 years. It does not give an immigrant America citizenship but rather residency.

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