How to Build a Small Wooden Boat

    Whether you you have a passion for fishing, rowing, duck hunting or just simply loves building things, learning how to build a small wooden boat would just be dandy and very rewarding.

    To build a small wooden boat would require planning and some woodworking skills and tools to get the project started. However, to get everything done right, you have to keep in mind some of the things to consider in building a small wooden boat.

    Some of these are:


    Most get started building their own small for the simple fact that it is cheaper by far than buying one. To keep an eye on the cost and not expend more than the allotted budget for the project, you need to have a definite amount as an earmark for the boat building expenses. This will also help you determine the factors which will directly affect the budget like materials and the size of the boat. Budget Boat


    Since you will be using wood for building a small boat, it’ll require some other materials that work best with wood.

    The materials which you are most likely to use are: marine plywood (this is generally used), boat building sawdust,copper wire, paint or varnish, marine epoxy and fiberglass cloth. Though these materials will vary depending on the design you are using.

    Woodworking tools which you’ll also be using are: drill, wire cutters, pliers, eye protection, jigsaw. There may be some more else but these are the few essentials.


    The skill set required to build a small wooden boat largely depend on the type of boat you are going to build. Will you be building a dory? or perhaps a dinghy, or a jon boat? All of which requires different designs outfitted for different purposes so skill set will also affect the choice of which type and design of boat you are building.


    Plans plays a very important role in whatever woodworking project as it will save you from unnecessary frustration of having to figure things out on your own. More so with boat building as safety is great deal to do with building a boat. That’s why I strongly suggest that you use a very good and workable boat plan.

    A good building plan should take you through the whole process of it step-by-step. It should have a complete list of materials needed so you can have it prepared beforehand and see if it fits with your budget.

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