Modular Home Construction – Are There Limitations In Design?

    Q Are modular homes limited in design?

    A. Modular homes are not limited in design. Modular home factories can build almost any home design including: capes, ranches, raised ranches, two-stories, multi-families and commercial buildings.

    Q Can a modular home customer add or omit design features from an existing home design plan?

    A. All modular home floor plans can be customized to fit the individual needs of the customer. Most options (i.e. dormers, bump outs, bay windows, etc.) can be omitted and/or added to floor plans.  manufactured homes colorado

    Q Can any existing floor plan be modified to make it a modular friendly floor plan?

    A. Every floor plan is different. However, most floor plans can be redesigned to build a modular home.

    Q Are there standard building specifications in modular home construction?

    A. Each modular company has their own set of standard building specifications. It is important to carefully review the standard building specifications of each modular company to accurately compare. Most modular companies will also have many options available at an additional charge.

    Q Can a customer obtain design floor plans for different modular home?

    A. Most modular companies will provide potential customers with drawings of their “in-stock” modular floor plans. Most companies require a design plan fee for custom plans. This design fee should be applied towards the purchase price of the modular home. The cost of the design fee will vary depending on the modular company and type of modular home.

    Q Do customers have different options regarding features such as carpeting, siding, appliances, etc?

    A. Most modular companies work with multiple manufactures to provide a large selection of options. A sample of product manufactures include but are not limited to; Andersen Windows, Tamko shingles, Kenmore, Whirlpool, dal-Tile, Merillat, Moen, Therma-Tru and CertainTeed.


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