Ordinary Patio Furniture is Green With Envy

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    The choice is clear when it comes to Outdoor Patio Furniture – Stone is the Best Option. In the past there were four main materials used for patio and outdoor garden furniture. Those materials were wood, metal, wicker and plastic. Each of these materials reacts to the weather in various ways and requires different levels of maintenance and care. All of these materials have pros and cons and depending on how much time and effort you want to invest in your outdoor furniture would depend on the material you selected. However you now have another choice, stone. Stone is beautiful, long lasting, easy and inexpensive to maintain, earth friendly and most of all comfortable.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to patio furniture, and you can easily find cheap furniture that won’t last very long, incurring additional expense for both upkeep and replacement. Often people select plastic furniture when purchasing for outdoor environments. The downside with plastic is it is not very durable. After a few years, the plastic tends to get brittle and can crack under normal wear. In addition plastic isn’t terribly attractive. It tends to be one color and come in very basic, familiar patterns. In particular, it can be hard to find just the color you are looking for to complement your deck or surrounding environment. Plastic is also very lightweight so if you live in a windy area you might find yourself constantly picking your furniture up and perhaps even going to search for it. Stone Furniture is durable, beautiful and doesn’t fight with the beauty of the outdoors, it enhances it. You won’t have to worry about replacing your Stone Furniture after a few years; it will last a life time and look as beautiful as the day you bought it. Stone comes in an array of colors so it will be easy to find just the one that works with your environment. You can also set it and forget it; there is no chance that your Stone Furniture will blow away. Salvation Army Pickup

    Wood is a popular material selection when it comes to patio and outdoor garden furniture. The challenge with wood is it’s susceptible to rain and moisture damage more than other types of materials used for outdoor furniture. It must be covered during wet weather or stored for longevity. Wood will last longer than plastic, but only if you take careful care of it by storing it during inclement weather. And watch out for the splinters. In contrast, there is no need to protect your Stone Furniture from the elements. It has lasted thousands of years and will continue to brave the elements. And best of all, no splinters.

    Teak is an option when looking at wood furniture. Because it has a growing period of 50 to 60 years and is in heavy demand with limited supply the cost is much higher than other types of outdoor furniture. Because Teak is a natural resource that isn’t so easily renewed it isn’t such a great environmental choice. Although Teak Furniture will last longer than regular wood furniture, that comes with a price. It must be maintained at a yearly cost of about $133.00. That adds up. Stone Furniture is environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance except for maybe to be hosed off once in awhile. Although Teak and Stone Furniture cost about the same, when considering the cost of maintenance and the longevity of Stone Furniture, there really is no comparison.

    Wicker is another popular option for outdoor furniture, but comes with a downside. Wicker is delicate and must be well kept, put away in the winter, and carefully cleansed with each use to maintain a sparkling appearance. Outdoor wicker furniture has a life expectancy of 3-5 years. It may last longer if you keep cushions on it however cushions will not hold up in outdoor weather and will need to be maintained and replaced fairly often. Stone Furniture is durable and rugged and needs no additional maintenance to keep it looking fabulous.

    Metal furniture is also an option for outdoor furniture. One disadvantage to metal outdoor furniture is oxidation and rusting. If allowed to sit out in the rain or snow, metal chairs will quickly rust. This can even happen as a result of exposure to oxygen. You can protect metal chairs with paint or a clear finish. After time, paint will chip away and you may have to reapply a finish. Metal chairs also react to the environment becoming too hot to sit in during the warm summer months. Also mental furniture needs to be properly stored and protected from the elements during inclement weather. Stone Furniture will warm up in the sun and provide a soothing place to relax during a summer day. It is like having your own hot rock spa treatment in your backyard. Although the frames of the Stone Furniture are often metal, the metal is powder coated which is the most durable outdoor paint finish available today.

    Stone Furniture is the newest option that provides beautiful outdoor seating and dining options without the downside of other materials. It is durable, lasting for a lifetime. Once the furniture is set you don’t have to worry about storing it during harsh weather, the stone will stand up to the harshest weather. It is beautiful without needing any maintenance. Stone Furniture is an environmentally sound choice because it is made with natural and recycled elements that will last a lifetime. Stone furniture will not end up in a landfill somewhere. And perhaps best of all Stone Furniture is remarkably comfortable. Modernized Stone Furniture built to fit the body with accurate ergonomics is amazingly comfortable.

    Although you have a lot of choices when searching for outdoor furniture, if you want something that is beautiful, durable and unique, stone is the obvious choice. Your neighbors won’t have the same set that you have, it is a marriage of art and function and will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor area. Imagine never having to replace your outdoor furniture again.


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