Reasons to Buy Your Labels and Stickers Online

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    Buying labels and stickers has never been easier with the advent of the internet and now there are more reasons than ever to click the mouse and place an order – it is really so simple and so very, very cheap! Sourcing your stickers and labels online is convenient because you can do this whenever you want to – you don’t need to set time aside in a busy, hectic work schedule to get what can be a mundane chore done – order in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning or anytime you want to – the choice is all yours. When it comes to convenience, nothing beats the internet for putting you in control. verzendlabels

    The price is another major reason for sourcing labels online – a good printer will use the internet to reduce their own production costs and in turn will pass on the enormous savings created to you, the customer, in the form of big discounts. It is not unusual for discounts of 50% or more to be found using online based print and design partners when compared to traditional shop-based suppliers.

    A note of caution here – price is important but so is quality, delivery and customer service. You have to be careful because many online suppliers are actually simply acting as a middleman and outsourcing the orders they receive to third party printers so they can take a cut – this does not pass on the full discounts available in the pricing and you lose control of the quality aspect of the order. Turnaround times are also longer in these instances and if there is a mistake in the order you are unlikely to have effective or practical recourse.

    Online ordering is very simple and provides an enormous amount of flexibility as well as reducing the lead time involved in putting the design and artwork together. Artwork can now be simply emailed to the printer (though you should check with each supplier for any particular requirements they have for file formats and sizes) and the resulting proof can be rapidly turned around and emailed straight back to you. You should note that the colors that are produced by proofs may not be truly replicated by your computer monitor but this is usually very marginal and does not impact on the process or finished products.

    In addition to the ordering and proofing process, you should be able to gain access to past orders you have made with the print supplier using the online portal – this will allow you to use previous files, designs and proofs from past projects which will result in faster turnaround times and the potential for reduced costs to you. You may also need to have labels and stickers delivered to multiple delivery addresses and in varying quantities and frequency for repeat orders – a good quality online portal will provide this functionality with simple one- or two-clicks of your mouse. Once you have finalized your design and agreed the proofs and the order has been placed and is on the way to being fulfilled you will want to track the order through production and delivery and again, nothing beats an online system for enabling you to do this.


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