RX Interviewing – An Insiders View of the Hiring Process

    “Gallup research over the past 30 years has shown that top producers in every role have substantially different talent profiles than average or poor producers in the same role.” – “The Right Fit” – The Gallup Organization.

    Most managers agree that hiring the best person for the job is perhaps the most important step they will take in ensuring their team’s long term success. In the pharmaceutical industry each company receives 500 resumes a day from those seeking an opportunity to be hired on within the industry. In fact looking at these numbers from a percentage point of few, you have a far better chance of being accepted to one of the nations most prestigious advanced degree programs that to be hired as a pharmaceutical sales representative. background checks

    If your resume has been one of the hundreds reviewed and you are now preparing for a series of interviews, we are here to help. Most pharmaceutical companies either interview candidates right out of college, or are looking for candidates who have sales experience with another company. Which ever group you fit into, if you are like most people, you don’t go through interviews every day. Whatever your background, you will benefit from the coaching and training we can provide you regarding what pharmaceutical managers are looking for and how they go about the interview and hiring process. This advantage will greatly enhance the likelihood that you will land one of the most coveted sales positions in the country.

    Understanding the Process of the Interview

    Hiring the wrong person can a costly mistake for an organization. It is estimated that it costs a company up to $200,000 to replace a representative that leaves the company after only 6 months of being on the job. These costs include the cost of advertising, time interviewing, salary, bonus, training, travel, etc…. Obviously, a company wants to do everything they can to avoid making such costly mistakes. They can reduce mistakes and improve the chances of hiring the right person by clearly identifying what the key capabilities are for a sales representative and hire candidates who can demonstrate they have those capabilities.

    By capabilities we mean what are the key skills, knowledge, behaviors and motivators of successful pharmaceutical representatives. Later in the program we will review in depth what most pharmaceutical companies have identified as the key capabilities associated with success as a pharmaceutical representative. Although each company has different names for these capabilities, the generally are something similar to these:

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