Should You Go For Cabinet Refacing?

    If you are thinking of performing a cabinet replacement, stop for a moment and read this. A cabinet replacement takes more time and more resources. This is because a cabinet replacement involves replacing the entire cabinet, while a cabinet refacing involves the renovation of simply the doors and the exterior of your kitchen cabinets. Your home improvement project will yield the best results with the help of professional home improvement contractor. However, the budget of your project will come down significantly with a simple cabinet.

    Before you forego the cabinet replacement, make sure that you do not need to move the location of the cabinets. In addition, ensure that the interiors of your cabinet are sound and in good condition. As long as your kitchen cabinets fulfill these two criteria, you can go ahead with a simple cabinet refacing. First, check the doors and the exteriors of your kitchen cabinets. If you find that there are chips and splits in the material or the paint, reface them with panel replacements. You can find these at any home improvement store. You can also change the handles and the knobs, if any. cabinet refacing in scottsdale

    If you wish to change a few shelves, or some other minor detail in the interior of your cabinet, do so through refacing, by removing the cabinet and working on it on a level surface. Working at a comfortable level will ensure better results for your cabinet refacing project. Working on a level surface also aids in sanding and applying paint primer. Sanding the cabinet is essential, as it evens the surface for effective painting and other work. If you wish to do the sanding yourself, consult professional home contractors regarding the grade of sandpaper you should use.

    The exterior of your cabinet can also undergo a change in style during a cabinet refacing. You can choose from a variety of styles with which your local contractors might provide you. These range from contemporary styles, to relatively archaic ones such as Victorian or Edwardian styles. Cabinet refacing also involves painting your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the color suits the kitchen theme. A kitchen cabinet with the best style and the worst choice of color could spell disaster for your kitchen. Make sure that you apply a primer while painting for best results.

    Ensure that the local contractors are well aware of your specifications and requirements when they start working on the project. This will ensure that no miscommunications or misunderstandings take place. If a certain idea is not viable, do not hesitate to ask the home improvement contractors for alternative suggestions. Finally, stay within your budget. Your home improvement contractors will be able to provide you with some home improvement estimates that can help you to set a suitable budget. With this information, you can now make an informed decision about whether or not you need cabinet replacement. If these changes are all you need, a cabinet refacing will be more viable for you.


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