The Tips For Camping on the Beach

    When it comes to camping some of the first impressions someone gets is of mosquitoes, bears, and sleeping on a various assortment of twigs. Although some of this might be true to most camping scenarios, it is still an overall enjoyable experience. If you didn’t want to smell like “Off” insect repellent for a weekend, but still wanted to camp outside; I would suggest a beautiful weekend of camping on the beach.

    Where can someone go to camp on the beach?

    Camping on the beach is a great alternative to traditional camping because it gives you the benefits of being outdoors with nature, smelling the crisp clean air, hearing the roar of the ocean and enjoying time with the family or loved one without the everyday distractions. Some great beach camping locations are located mostly on the east coast of the United States. Cape May, Wildwood Beach in NJ and Myrtle Beach are just a few places that are legendary for beach camping.

    What makes beach camping so special?

    There are 3 primary reasons why camping on the beach has had such a fixated cult following. First is the sound and feel of the ocean. There is no duplicating this sensation. Going to sleep and waking up to the sound of the waves puts you in a totally different frame of mind, almost as if the cares of your job and everyday stresses never even existed. The second most appealing feature to camping on the beach is absence of insects. Aside from the pesky and almost freaky way sand seems to be able to find its way to strange places on your body, places you’ve probably never even realized were there, it is an overall pretty clean experience. The third reason people are inclined to camp on the beach rather than in the woods is the ocean air. The smell of the ocean air, especially at night, is intoxicating. The minute you start a bonfire at a beach at night and smell the clean ocean air alongside the crackling of the fire, you will be hooked for life. Revdanda Beach Camping

    What should I bring to the beach if I wanted to camp there?

    There are a few necessities one might bring when going on this venture. Most of them are pretty much the same supplies as camping in the woods, but there are a couple differences. You may want to bring a sand specific tent, if you want. Usually the height of the experience is sleeping in the open air in a sleeping bag. If you have no sleeping bag, then bring a big blanket because the beach at night does get a bit chilly. I made that mistake overnight on a beach in Miami once. You should also bring food, and some materials to start a bonfire with. Swimming gear, boogie/surf board, lots of changes of clothes, and sun screen are also some necessities.


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