Things You Should Know To Form a Limited Company

    Formation of a company of ones own opens up the way for a better business and higher profitability. In addition to cost cutting, one can reach out to more number of customers and deal directly with them. If the idea of staring a new company strikes you and you want to form a limited company, you have to update yourself with i use a limited company some relevant information. These are applicable in the process of company formation in the UK.

    Right from the beginning, i.e. the naming to the winding up of the process, you need to observe some formalities. To begin with the naming, you have to include the word ‘limited’ in the name of the company. Since you are to form a limited company, you have to display it in the name. Company law in the UK says that the word ‘limited’ though in the contracted form, ‘ltd’ should be there in the name.

    Then, in order to form a limited company, you have to open a registered office within the areas specified by the Companies House. You can open it in the authorised places in England and Wales, Scotland or North Ireland. The registered office has some formalities attached to it. As mentioned above, it should be within the jurisdiction of the four places. The area of conducting business will say under the jurisdiction of which of the above places your registered office should be.

    This is not all; you have to register the office with the Companies House. All the posts from the House will be sent to this address. The name also needs to be displayed in front of the office. What more, the products and stationeries should have the address of the office labelled on them! This and some other formalities you have to follow when you want to form a limited company.

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