Why Your Online Business Needs A WordPress Website

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    The WordPress website system is now the most widely used website building platform on the internet, with over 22% of all active domains using it. This website program has the functionality to help your online business earn revenue as well providing as a complete content management system.

    There are more than 75 million WordPress websites on the internet and it is reportedly used by many prestigious organisations. If it is good enough for them, it will surely be good enough for your online business.

    A Flexible Website Builder.

    WordPress is a very flexible program for an online business. You have the option to post regular news items onto your website and create specific product sales pages. You can choose to allow comments on your pages which creates user generated content in the form of reader’s comments. Updates can be scheduled in advance so that pages can go live at a pre-determined time and you can make certain pages private so that only your customers with the specific URL can access them. WordPress Customization Services

    Author Management.

    The program allows you to have multiple users with different levels of authority. You can let other people to create and add content to your website without having to give them full access rights to the entire website system. You also have the ability to check and approve any updates before they go live.

    WordPress Website Templates.

    When a visitor lands on your website, you only have seconds to impress them and persuade them to stay. With the website templates (called themes) you have the ability to upload a huge variety of different themes at the click a button. Some themes are free and some have a small fee and there will be a theme that provides the look and features that you want for your online business. You can also easily preview and swap between themes to see which one you like best.

    A WordPress Website Design To Suit You.

    The basic website download is a compact software program and you do need to add the extras, or plugins, to increase your website’s capabilities. Many plugins are free and allow you to do a number of different things including the creation of mailing lists, contact forms, link tracking, search engine optimisation systems, website analytics and more.

    Since there are so many WordPress websites on the internet there are people all over the world who develop add-ons, plugins, themes for you to download to your website. What was once used for blogging has now grown into a very powerful program to help you create a website that will draw in the traffic and make money for you.

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