Your Guide to a Green Home – From Wind Generators to Solar Panels and More

    The demand for alternative energy sources is increasing and becoming more important due to the failing reserves of fossil fuels which is making their prices unbearable. Scientists claim that after a few decades the worlds fuel supply will be depleted. The depletion of fossil fuels is not the only problem we face but also pollution which is evident as record high and low temperatures are being experienced around the world. modular enclosure

    It is only natural to start investigating methods on saving your money especially due to the current state of the economy. Fortunately for you, developments in renewable energy has now made it much easier to build your own wind generator or solar panel.

    But first what are these energy renewable projects and how do they work? Wind generators uses the power of wind to generate electricity. Wind physically rotates the blades which in turn generate electricity by rotating an electrical rotor. The magnets in the rotor aids in creating electrical charges. The electricity generated by wind generators can be stored, used instantly or it can be fed to you home’s grid system.

    Solar panels in brief, convert light to electricity using solar cells. The more light that hits the cells the more energy it produces. It too can be used to store, use instantly or apply energy to your home’s grid system.

    The cost of electricity is getting more expensive everyday due to the exhaustion of our fuel sources like oil, gas and coal. The cost of fossil fuels is increasing quickly. Home renewable energy projects like wind power generators or solar panels will come as a great benefit as it will not only save the planet but also your money.

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